Whey Protein 2000g VANILLA

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Whey Protein 2000g Vanilla

Whey Protein 2000g Vanilla


Product description:

Whey Protein 2000g Vanilla with sweeteners Acesulfame-K and sucralose to produce a cold beverage. Dietary supplement for intensive muscle efforts, especially for athletes.

Pure whey protein is pure Lactalbumin protein, with the biological value of 104. Whey Protein, which is obtained from the whey of milk by ultra-filtration and ion exchange, is known in the United States as whey protein and is the highest quality and easiest digestable Mono protein. The whey protein is divided in 4 main and 6 minor factions, which have the following shares in the protein: ß-lactoglobulin (45-57% 25), alphalact (12-25% 25) albumin, Bovin serum albumin (approximately 10% 25), immunoglobulins (approx. 10% 25). The minor factions (Peptone) are lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase, lysozyme, Relaxin, gamma globulin, Lactollin and B-Microglobulin.

All these components are of course included in the milk, and are synthesized by the cow. These components together make a special and biological high-quality protein supplier the whey protein.

It’s different now we offer protein, without any admixture of other proteins in all flavors here and exclusively pure whey as a manufacturer!

New product for the price! This product is to receive only about us in Europe.

Access the for this unique opportunity.

And at this unbeatable low price!

The Gyms, or sport shops serves as a 2000 g can of between 50 and 70 Pounds!

Pure whey protein is available in 2000 g unit = 1 x 2kg Can, in vanilla flavour.

Directions for use:
Eat several times a day 3 allfitnessfactory measuring spoon (ca. 31 g) whey protein with 200 ml milk or water.

A mixing guide is printed on the packaging.


Nutritional value:

Nutritional Value Pro 31g Pro 100g
Energy 510 kJ / 121 kcal 1644 kJ / 389 kcal

Gesätigte Fette

Trans Fette





Sodium 148mg 477mg









Protein 24,19g 78,05g
Nutrition Value
Pro 100g Powder Pro 31g
L-Isoleucin 5464mg 1694mg
L-Leucin 8898mg 2758mg
L-Lysin 7337mg 2274mg
L-Methionin 2029mg 629mg
L-Phenylalanin 2732mg 847mg
L-Threonin 5776mg 1790mg
L-Tryptophan 1639mg 508mg
L-Valin 4995mg 1549mg
L-Histidin 1561mg 484mg
L-Alanin 4215mg 1307mg
L-Arginin 2185mg 677mg
L-Asparaginsäure 8820mg 2734mg
L-Cystin 2263mg 702mg
L-Glutaminsäure 14517mg 4500mg
L-Glycin 1639mg 508mg
L-Prolin 5073mg 1573mg
L-Serin 4215mg 1307mg
L-Tyrosin 2732mg 847mg
*BCAAs 19356mg 6000mg

Ingredients: whey protein concentrate 99% (Wheyprotein), flavour, vegetable oil from rape, sweetener Acesulfame-K and sucralose.

Manufacturer: GmbH, Zimmerer street 11 – DE 64409 Messel

You provide here on a pack of pure whey protein with 2000 g, so 2kg powder in a can.

As with all manufacturers in the EU and Germany, the product is manufactured by us here in Germany, as required by law, according to the quality standard of HACCP by us even in our own factory.

Therefore explains among other things the extremely low price.

The fact that we sell directly to the customer, dropped the usual markup to wholesalers and retailers. Would be the usual cycle of trade involved we would have to offer more than twice as much product!

The allfitnessfactory GmbH

The AllFitnessFactory GmbH is not one of the usual distributors of dietary supplements and dietary food, but even the manufacturers of these products.

This extreme advantage in Know-How and especially the complete removal of usual wholesale and trade, this unusually low prices have become possible.

The last years only wage productions were performed and only now the AllFitnessFactory the end customer segment opens up here in direct selling. For our customers this means maximum price advantage through direct purchase from the manufacturer!

Is your advantage when shopping with us: the high quality, product safety, production monitoring by the German authorities, as well as purchasing raw materials in large quantities for the Europe-wide wage production.

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